Amazing Families Foundation

Amazing Families Foundation Inc is a tax exempt, non-profit, 501(c)(3) recognized organization founded to provide

1) support for families caring for persons with disabilities

2) community-based work and job training to adults with developmental and physical disabilities

3) community-based living support for adults with disabilities, such as group homes and communities.

our programs and projects

made possible by caring people like you

Provide SleepSafe Beds for Children or Adults with Special Needs

We partner with SleepSafe Beds to provide safe sleeping furniture to families with a child with special needs who needs a safe, comfortable bed. Some children, including those with autism and other developmental disabilities, need a safe place to sleep so that their families can also get the sleep

Accessible Equipment for the Blind and Vision Impaired

Help us raise funds to provide life-changing equipment for the blind and vision-impaired. We work with manufacturers, distributors, and other non-profit agencies to provide needed equipment to persons who need it. For example, we can provide Orbit Reader 20 Braille devices to open up the world of resources

Help Us Purchase a New Safe Document Shredder

We need specialized shredders that are safe for our employees, who have physical and development disabilities, to operate. But they need to meet the security requirements of our clients and our industry, and be fast enough and sturdy enough for commercial operations. Our latest need is the Fellowes

Who We Are

Our Story

Our family adopted six blind children. We have a YouTube channel, SixBlindKids. Raising six special needs children, we became personally aware of the great needs that families face in just everyday living. Many times, resources for needed equipment or support are simply not available, or are simply to costly to afford. Once the kids get to high school and enter adulthood, the prospects of meaningful community-based employment are woefully inadequate or simply not available. And when they reach full adulthood, and want to live as independently as possible, how and where will they live. We started the Amazing Families Foundation Inc to support families like ours.
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What We Do

We provide support for families caring for those with special needs
We help by providing enabling or assistive devices for those with disabilities
Our employees get a sense of pride and achievement by earning a meaningful wage for meaningful work or the resources to start an entrepreneurial business
We assist in providing community-based living arrangements that provide for the most independent life possible for those with disabilities.
Being included and accepted is important to everyone. We value everyone as an individual and help maximize each one's potential.